Don’t Let Disappointment Ruin Your Day

We all get disappointed.  But if our ability to regulate disappointment is compromised by an emotional block, feelings of disappointment and their resulting behaviors can ruin the day.  After disappointment, we can become hypersensitive, reactive, angry, distracted; we can start blaming others; we can start craving unhealthy things like sugar or drugs; the list goes on.

You can stop disappointment from turning into misery by self-regulating the feelings that come with it.

In the video below, I take you with me on my own Sensory Emotional Regulation process.  I received an unexpected phone call at 9:43 am (the morning that this post was written).  This phone call was upsetting and the feelings of disappointment seemed like they weren’t going away.  After more than 10 minutes later, I decided to regulate these feelings on camera.  The process took me a bit longer than usual because of distractions, but eventually, I was able to regulate the disappointment and feel calm.

This is just one example of feelings that can be regulated.  If you need help, book an appointment with me.  I work on a sliding scale.

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